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Kǎn Flow Darkness [hexagram 29]

Yin line Yang - controlling line Yin line Yin line Yang line Yin line
torrent of water
Water Water element

[30] Adherence; Brightness
Kǎn [29] Flow; Darkness
[27] Nutrition; Nourishment

Mid-Winter (Winter Solstice) ; Host or Controlling line : 5
坎: 坎, 孚, , . Kǎn: xíkǎn, yǒu fú, wéi xīn hēng, xíng yǒu shàng.

Kan, here repeated, shows the possession of sincerity, through which the mind is. penetrating. Action (in accordance with this) will be of high value.

: 坎, . 盈, 信. , . , 往. , , , 坎矣哉! Tuàn zhuàn: Xí kǎn, chóng xiǎn yě. shuǐ liú ér bù yíng, xíng xiǎn ér bù shī qí xìn. wéi xīn hēng, nǎi yǐ gāng zhōng yě. háng yǒu shàng, wǎng yǒu gōng yě. tiān xiǎn bù kě shēng yě, dì xiǎn shān chuān qiū líng yě, wáng gōng shè xiǎn yǐ shǒu qí guó, kǎn zhī shí yòng dà yǐ zāi!

Kan repeated shows us one defile succeeding another. This is the nature of water; - it flows on, without accumulating its volume (so as to overflow); it pursues its way through a dangerous defile, without losing its true (nature). That 'the mind is penetrating' is indicated by the strong (line) in the center. That 'action (in accordance with this) will be of high value' tells us that advance will be followed by achievement. The dangerous (height) of heaven cannot be ascended; the difficult places of the earth are mountains, rivers, hills, and mounds. Kings and princes arrange by means of such strengths, to maintain their territories. Great indeed is the use of (what is here) taught about seasons of peril.

: , 坎; , . Xiàng zhuàn: Shuǐ jiàn zhì, xí kǎn; jūn zǐ yǐ cháng dé xíng, xí jiāo shì.

(The representation of) water flowing on continuously forms the repeated Kan. The superior man, in accordance with this, maintains constantly the virtue (of his heart) and (the integrity of) his conduct, and practices the business of instruction.

young yin young yang young yin young yin young yang changing yin
I Ching transform
Jié [60] Regulation; Restriction
: 坎, 坎窞, 凶. Chū liù: xí kǎn, rù yú kǎn dàn, xiōng.

The first ‘six’, divided, shows its subject in the double defile, and (yet) entering a cavern within it. There will be evil.

: 坎, . Xiàng zhuàn: Xí kǎn rù kǎn, shī dào xiōng yě.

'In the double defile, he enters a cavern within it:' - he has missed his (proper) way, and there will be evil.

young yin young yang young yin young yin changing yang young yin
I Ching transform
[8] Coherence; Union
: 坎, 求. Jiǔ èr: kǎn yǒu xiǎn, qiú xiǎo dé.

The second ‘nine’, undivided, shows its subject in all the peril of the defile. He will, however, get a little (of the deliverance) that he seeks.

: 求, . Xiàng zhuàn: Qiú xiǎo dé, wèi chū zhōng yě.

'He will get a little (of the deliverance) that he seeks:' - he will not yet escape from his enclosed position.

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young yin young yang young yin changing yin young yang young yin
I Ching transform
Jǐng [48] Source; Replenish
: 坎坎, 枕, 坎窞, . Liù sān: lái zhī kǎn kǎn, xiǎn qiě zhěn, rù yú kǎn dàn, wù yòng.

The third ‘six’, divided, shows its subject, whether he comes or goes ( =descends or ascends), confronted by a defile. All is peril to him and unrest. (His endeavors) will lead him into the cavern of the pit. There should be no action (in such a case).

: 坎坎, 终. Xiàng zhuàn: Lái zhī kǎn kǎn, zhōng wú gōng yě.

'Whether he comes or goes, he is confronted by a defile:' - he will never (in such circumstances) achieve any success.

young yin young yang changing yin young yin young yang young yin
I Ching transform
Kùn [47] Confinement; Exhaustion
: 樽簋贰, 缶, 纳约牖, 终. Liù sì: zūn jiǔ guǐ èr, yòng fǒu, nà yuē zì yǒu, zhōng wú jiù.

The fourth ‘six’, divided, shows its subject (at a feast), with (simply) a bottle of spirits, and a subsidiary basket of rice, while (the cups and bowls) are (only) of earthenware. He introduces his important lessons (as his ruler's) intelligence admits. There will in the end be no error.

: 樽簋贰, . Xiàng zhuàn: Zūn jiǔ guǐ èr, gāng róu jì yě.

'(Nothing but) a bottle of spirits and a subsidiary basket of rice:' - (these describe) the meeting at this point of (those who are represented by) the strong and weak lines.

young yin changing yang young yin young yin young yang young yin
I Ching transform
Shī [7] Mass action; Multitude
: 坎盈, 祗, . Jiǔ wǔ: kǎn bù yíng, zhī jì píng, wú jiù.

The fifth ‘nine’, undivided, shows the water of the defile not yet full, (so that it might flow away); but order will (soon) be brought about. There will be no error.

: 坎盈, . Xiàng zhuàn: Kǎn bù yíng, zhōng wèi dà yě.

'The water in the defile is not full (so as to flow away):' - (the virtue indicated by) the central situation is not yet (sufficiently) great.

changing yin young yang young yin young yin young yang young yin
I Ching transform
Huàn [59] Dissolution; Dispersion
: 纆, 寘丛棘, , 凶. Shàng liù: xì yòng huī mò, zhì yú cóng jí, sān suì bù dé, xiōng.

The topmost ‘six’, divided, shows its subject bound with cords of three strands or two strands, and placed in the thicket of thorns. But in three years he does not learn the course for him to pursue. There will be evil.

: , 凶. Xiàng zhuàn: Shàng liù shī dào, xiōng sān suì yě.

The sixth line, divided, shows its subject missing his (proper) course:' - 'there will be evil for three years.'

jìn to advance; to enter; to score

Made up of [ chuò walking radical 162, jǐng well]


The walking radical provides the concept of motion, the 'well' part replaces what was originally a bird, as birds always fly forwards it indicates forward movement
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