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Jilin Province

Name ( lín) ['lucky' 'forest'] Old Name Kirin WG
Population27.518 million (2.00 %) [21st] comparison table
Area187,000 km2 [72,201 mile2] (1.95 %) [13th]
GDP50,162 (5.52 %) [13th]
Position of Jilin in China
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Tue 10th Apr

World's longest sea bridge in peril?

Concerns have been expressed about the stability of the sea bridge from Macau to Hong Kong that is planned to open (belatedly) later this year. An artificial island has been created where the traffic will go under the busy Pearl River shipping lanes in a tunnel. Summer storms have ripped up some of the island's outer defenses. Experts say the damage is superficial and the integrity of the island is not under threat.

When opened it will be the longest sea bridge in the world, dramatically cutting the time to travel from either side of the immensely busy Pearl River estuary.

/> (Photograph: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Authority)
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Jilin is part of ’Manchuria’ the north-eastern region of China. The name ‘Jilin’ comes from the Manchu word for the Songhua river ‘Jilinwula’. It was part of the ancient Korean kingdom of Goguryeo before Jilin was conquered during the Chinese Han dynasty. The General's Tomb at Ji'an is a monument dating to this period. Jilin reached its greatest geographical extent during Qing dynasty times, the lands east of the Wusuli (Ussuri) River on the north Pacific were under its control, including Hǎishēnwǎi (Vladivostok) and even Sakhalin island to the north of Japan. These lands were given up to the Russians in the Amur Annexation (1858-60). Rapid industrial development began under the Japanese occupation when it was part of the kingdom of Manchuguo (Manchukuo WG) 1933-45.

The mountainous south eastern region that borders North Korea is home to a high proportion of Korean ethnic people. In the north-west lies a plain of rich agricultural land producing much corn and soy beans. It also has fine pasture for sheep and cattle. Around Tonghua in the south east the mountains provide ideal conditions for growing vines.

Jilin, Changchun, lake
South lake park, Changchun city, Jilin Copyright © Dreamstime see image license
Jilin, Changbai, tree
Forest in the Changbai Mountains, Jilin

Places to visit in Jilin

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Changchun, Jilin's largest industrial city, is famous for its car and truck factories. It has the former palace of the last Qing emperor Puyi who was set up as Manchuguo's ruler; at this time Changchun was known as ‘Xinjing’ (New Capital). Jilin City to the east of Changchun is important for industry - three large chemical plants were built in 1949. It is the site of the Wenmiao Confucian Temple. The ski resort at Songhua Lake attests to the cold winter weather in the province. It is also renowned for the frost covered trees which are produced when ice droplets form from the mist created by a nearby hydro-electric plant.

Jilin, Rime island, ice
Rime Island, Jilin in Winter
The Hidden Kingdom of Sichuan

The Hidden Kingdom of Sichuan


Protected by mountains on three sides and the Yangzi river on the other, Sichuan has the feel of an isolated kingdom. Historically Chinese culture has held out longest here when China came under attack. It has hot, moist summers and has been heavily populated for two thousand years.

Ji'an on the Yalu River was the capital of the Korean Goguryeo kingdom and is now the border crossing into North Korea. There are tombs and other remains as evidence of the old Korean kingdom and ethnic Korean people predominate. Lake Tian (Heavenly Lake) is a scenic spot in the far south. It is an old volcanic crater lake and straddles the border of Jilin with North Korea. The Longtan Deer farm is a popular tourist attraction nearby. Tianchi is within the Changbai (forever white) mountain range which has thick snow cover in winter. The mountainous terrain and forests are still home to snow leopards and tigers. This area produces considerable quantities of the medicinal herb ginseng.

Jilin has a very cold winter climate; the north-western part is on a flat plain and has fertile agricultural land.

Jilin, Changbai, lake, view
Crater lake, Tian chi on the border of China and North Korea

Jilin Climate

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Climate chart for Jilin
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Major CitiesPopulation
Changchun 4,193,073
Gongzhuling 140,909
Jilin City 1,881,977
Liaoyuan 465,249
Shuangliao 386,844
Siping 555,609
Tonghua 510,000
Yanji 326,957


Changchun Longjia International Airport 长春龙嘉国际机场 CGQ IATA / ZYCC ICAO
The airport has 1 terminal and is located 19.3 miles (31.0 kms) from Changchun. Live Flight information , rank in China 31
International Links to :Japan Korea
See map of location Changchun Longjia International Airport
Yanji Chaoyangchuan International Airport 延吉朝阳川国际机场 YNJ IATA / ZYYJ ICAO
The airport has 1 terminal and is located 3.7 miles (6.0 kms) from Yanji. Live Flight information , rank in China 65
See map of location Yanji Chaoyangchuan International Airport


Jilin University

After re-organization in 1948 the Shenyang site was chosen for the North-eastern Administration College. It became Jilin University in 2000 after merging with other local higher education establishments. It covers all the main disciplines but is renowned for engineering subjects and natural sciences.. Undergraduates: 43024, Postgraduates: 24021, International students: 1272, GP World ranking 455

City populations for 2012, Province statistics National Bureau of Statistics 2014

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