Modern Chinese History

In this section on modern history of China we cover the last one hundred years. Our History section gives full coverage of the dynastic period from earliest times.

The Republic of China was founded on January 1st 1912, and we cover include pages on the Peoples Republic that was founded in 1949,the leaders of the P.R.C. and also the unique system of Chinese government. Looking both backwards and forwards there is coverage of China's ambitious program of space exploration; some musings on China's likely future development and that formative period for the early P.R.C. leaders : the Long March.

Qing dynasty

Qing dynasty


The end of the dynastic system in China came after a very promising and prosperous start under the wise rule of the first four Manchu Emperors. Years of decline followed, with the Opium Wars and Taiping Rebellion culminating in the sad tale of the Last Emperor Puyi
The People's Republic

The People's Republic

Modern History

Our coverage of the People's Republic of China (P.R.C.) includes the background to the rise of the Communists under Mao Zedong, the Long March, the Cultural Revolution and leading up to present day China. We also include a section describing China's unique form of Communism.
China's Neighbors

China's Neighbors


The countries that surround China have an interesting set of relationships. Wars, conquest and religion have defined the current boundaries of the Peoples' Republic. India, Russia, Pakistan, Myanmar and Afghanistan all have important borders with China.

Chinese Dark Age

Historians like to see parallels when comparing world history. The Qin-Han dynasties from 221BCE to 220CE is contemporay with the Roman Empire 27BCE to 284CE and the fall of the Han like the fall of Rome brought in a long period of chaos and disunity. In Europe the Dark Ages were longer and deeper than in China. Chinese language and traditions hung on in patches and knowledge was never completely lost. China quickly refound its own strength on re-unification under the Sui dynasty 581CE. So in China the Dark Ages lasted 360 years, in Europe they are considered to have lasted over 500 years.
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