New images from Patreon supporters

Thanks to your kind donation I have been able to purchase 150 quality images for use on the web site. Although you can find a lot of free images on the internet they are rarely of good quality or resolution.

Here is a small selection of this set, I will now start making use of these images on the web site pages.

Chengdu, food, restaurant
Lunch in Chengdu
jilin, scenery
Jilin mountains
marriage, tea, ceremony
Marriage ceremony tea
Shanghai, Chinese new year, dragon dance
New Year dragon, Shanghai
Laozi, dragon, Laoshan, Shangdong, Qinghai, daoism
Laozi and dragon, Laoshan, Shandong
mahjong, people
Mahjong game
cat, luck, customs, japan, cat
Lucky Japanese cats
Dali, Yunnan, crowd
Dali street scene
opera, costume, people, woman
Chinese Opera, Chengdu
Mongolia, people, army
Mongolian horsemen, Ulaanbaatar
Beijing, skyscraper, modern architecture
Beijing skyline
industry, people, worker
Factory worker

Thanks again for helping Chinasage become a better web site!