Chinese Culture and Traditions

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In this section there are a series of pages covering the most important information about Chinese culture and traditions. We will continue to add many more pages when we can.


When you think of China a number of things immediately spring to mind including porcelain; jade; silk; rice and tea. China's many inventions reflect the long and pioneering spirit of the Chinese people. However to get a real flavor of China you need to look at the traditions (including festivals; astrology; medicine; dragons; Tai Chi; astrology; calendar and Feng Shui) as well as the many religions. China's iconic panda can not go unmentioned, and the bamboo it feeds on.

Historically the Great Wall defines the country of China as much as anything. The Grand Canal knits together the important rivers and cities as they flow east to the Sea. When contact with Central Asia and Europe took the over-land route it was the Silk Road into China that carried the goods.

Geographically the Yellow and Yangzi rivers act as boundaries, thoroughfares and water sources for the majority of Chinese people. The countries that surround China have shaped the way the country has developed, Japan and Taiwan stand out as currently significant. Just as importantly it is the peoples that make up a country, and there are a surprising number of minority peoples that have all brought their own cultural influence.

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