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Here is a Google map of China; you can zoom in to see the area in more detail. A variety of icons have been added by us at Chinasage to show key cities, airports and places of interest.

province maps China sage has a detailed map of all China's provinces. Each carefully produced map shows the main cities, roads airports, mountains, rivers and places of interest. There are also specialist maps for the Yellow River,Yangzi River, Silk Road showing the main features. Many of the dynasty maps in our history section also have general maps.

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Hainan Island

Hainan Island


The island of Hainan is China's southernmost province. Many Chinese travel here for a holiday in the sun and recently some have been buying up holiday flats and houses. The tropical climate allows bananas and palms to flourish.
Wed 8th Feb

Chinese New Year comes to an end

The traditional New Year or Spring Festival comes to a formal end at the Lantern Festival on Saturday 11th February, although most Chinese people will now have drifted back to work after the extended holiday break.

While a boom time for many it is proving harder for some traditional craft artists. In the attached story, Fang Zhida from Suzhou laments the decrease in interest in the Taohuawu form of intricate woodblock prints. An accomplished artist at 83 with nearly 70 years of experience in the art, he is worried that there are very few remaining practitioners left. Each print requires a series of woodblocks to be carved, one for each color, and then the print created with each color in turn. The large, elaborate woodblocks can take a whole year to design and create.

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