Chinese 3-D Paper-cut jiǎn zhǐ

This set of 12 paper-cuts are of the astrological animals which form the Chinese zodiac. There are many different paper-cut forms of the zodiac available, these was chosen because they are fairly easy to make.

All the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac as papercut outlines.

To make the paper-cut, print it out on colored paper and then simply cut around the lines with scissors or a sharp craft knife. For detailed instructions on cutting out a paper-cut please see our Rooster paper-cut guide.

The cycle starts with the rat.
zodiac,paper-cut,rat Outline image of the rat paper-cut to download and print.

The second year: Ox.
zodiac,paper-cut,ox Outline image of the Ox to download and print.

The third year: Tiger.
zodiac,paper-cut,tiger Outline image of the Tiger paper-cut to download and print.

The fourth year: Rabbit.
zodiac,paper-cut,rabbit Outline image of the Rabbit paper-cut to download and print.

The fifth year: Dragon. Considered the luckiest of the twelve years to be born in.
zodiac,paper-cut,dragon Outline image of the Dragon paper-cut to download and print.

The sixth year: Snake. Clever and graceful.
zodiac,paper-cut,snake Outline image of the Snake paper-cut to download and print.

The seventh year: Horse.
zodiac,paper-cut,horse Outline image of the Horse paper-cut to download and print.

The eighth year: Sheep.
zodiac,paper-cut,sheep Outline image of the Sheep paper-cut to download and print.

The ninth year: Monkey. Clever and fun-loving.
zodiac,paper-cut,monkey Outline image of the Monkey paper-cut to download and print.

The tenth year: Rooster/Cockerel.
zodiac,paper-cut,rooster,cockerel Outline image of the Rooster (Cockerel) paper-cut to download and print.

The eleventh year: Dog.
zodiac,paper-cut,dog Outline image of the Dog paper-cut to download and print.

The twelfth and last year: Pig.
zodiac,paper-cut,pig Outline image of the Pig paper-cut to download and print

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