dān to undertake; to carry; to shoulder

Made up of [ shǒu hand radical 64, dàn dawn; morning; day-break ]
Alternative traditional form of character:


The hand radical suggests 'carry' wheile 'dan' on left is the phonetic
Number of strokes: 8

Related characters

Also uses shǒu component: bǎ (to hold) bàn (to act) bào (to hold) bào (to announce) gǎo (to do) jì (skill) lā (to pull) qiú (to beat) tái (to lift) tuī (to push) wǒ (I (me)) zhǎo (to try to find)
Also uses dàn component: dàn (but) dǎn (the gall)

Sounds same

dān (bill)

Different tone

dǎn (the gall) dàn (birth) dàn (dawn) dàn (but)

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儿行千里母担忧 ér xíng qiān lǐ mǔ dān yōu Mothers will always worry about their children

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