dāo knife

Used as component in : fēn ; chū ; suǒ ; jiǎn ; zhào
A measure word to use for this noun:
Similar looking characters : (strength)
Made with 2 strokes.
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Different tone

dǎo (island) dào (fall) dào (arrive) dào (road)
This character is also represented as a radical in the form: dāo

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stroke order for 刀
Stroke order for character 刀, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


刀山火海 dāo shān huǒ hǎi An extremely difficult and dangerous situation
笑里藏刀 xiào lǐ cáng dāo Malice concealed by apparent friendliness. There is a story of Li Yifu who was a great flatterer of the early Tang dynasty. He was always smiles but sought to blackmail and deceive. Eventually Emperor Gaozong discovered his duplicity and he was banished.
杀鸡焉用牛刀 shā jī yān yòng niú dāo Taking unnecessary effort to tackle a small problem. Using an inappropriately large tool for the job.


钢刀 gāng dāo sword