dēng to ascend; to mount; to publish or record

Made with 12 strokes.

Sounds same

dēng (lamp)

Different tone

děng (wait)

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捷足先登 jié zú xiān dēng To succeed need to start off first
无事不登三宝殿 wú shì bū dēng sān bǎo diàn Often it is obvious when somebody is after something
一步登天 yī bù dēng tiān An attempt to achieve a goal all in one go without hard work
一登龙门,身价十倍 yī dēng lóng mén shēn jià shí bèi Diligent study brings great rewards. The Dragon Gate is a dangerous gorge on the Yellow River. Success in the Imperial examinations was likened to a carp ascending the gorge. Passing the examinations greatly added to prestige.