ěr ear

Made with 6 strokes.
Picture of an ear, now idealized and straightened

Sounds same

ěr (thus)

Different tone

ér (child) ér (legs) ér (as well as) èr (two)


Index 128 used in: cōng (quick at hearing) ; (to take) ; wén (to hear)

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stroke order for 耳
Stroke order for character 耳, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


耳目一新 ěr mù yī xīn A change of place, everything fresh and new
掩耳盗铃 yǎn ěr daò líng Failing to think things through. Taking a rash action without applying logic. A foolish plan
言犹在耳 yán yóu zài ěr Still fresh in the mind. Keeping hold of a recent command or argument. Staying true to purpose.