gōng bow


Picture of a bow
Number of strokes: 3


Index 57 used in: dì (younger brother) ; fú (not) ; jiāng (border) ; qiáng (strong) ; yí (barbarians) ; zhāng ('of')

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Sounds same

gōng (work) gōng (palace) gōng (public) gōng (accomplishment) gōng (to provide)

Different tone

gǒng (two hands) gòng (common)

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Sound file kindly provided by shtooka.net under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License

stroke order for 弓
Stroke order for character 弓, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


杯弓蛇影 bēi gōng shé yǐng Suspicious and frightened; plagued by fearful imagination. The story is of a man who was terrified by the sight of what he thought was a snake swimming in the cup of tea he was drinking. The experience made him ill and only when it was demonstrated that it was just the reflection of a bow left hanging on the wall did he recover.


gōng bow

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