jiāo to hand over; to deliver; to turn over

Used as component in : xiào ; jiào ; jiǎo ; jiāo ; xiào ; jiāo ; yǎo


Originally meaning to 'cross' and so is represented by picture crossed legs now means exchange another type of crossing
Number of strokes: 6

Sounds same

jiāo (to teach) jiāo (suburbs) jiāo (to glue)

Different tone

jiǎo (horn) jiǎo (dumpling) jiào (called) jiào (religion) jiào (comparatively)

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stroke order for 交
Stroke order for character 交, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


交个朋友多条路,树个敌人多堵墙 jiāo gè péng you duō tiáo lù, shù gè dí rén duō dǔ qiáng It is better to make friends than enemies
犬牙交错 quǎn yá jiāo cuò Closely locked together like the two sets of teeth, Said of two opponents who are closely matched in skill who are locked in complex conflict.