kòng to empty; vacant; unoccupied

Made up of [ xué cave; cavity; hole radical 116, gōng work; skill radical 48]
Number of strokes: 8

Related characters

Also uses xué component: qióng (exhausted) xué (narrow)
Also uses gōng component: gōng (accomplishment) hóng (red) jiāng (river) jīng (Classic) zuǒ (left)

Different tone

kǒng (great)

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空前绝后 kōng qián jué hòu Something that is genuinely new
空穴来风未必无因 kōng xuè lái féng wèi bì wú yīn There are always clues that something is about to happen
司空见惯 sī kōng jiàn guàn An everyday occurrence; nothing out of the ordinary

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