miàn face; side; surface

Made up of [ wéi proud; enclosure; upright radical 31, eye radical 109]


Suggests a picture of a mask covering the face with one eye in the middle
Number of strokes: 9

Related characters

Also uses wéi component: gù (hard) guó (country) huí (to circle) sì (four) yuán (park) zhōng (centre)
Also uses component: dé (virtue) dùn (shield) jīng (eye) kàn (look) mào (to emit) pàn (to hope for) suàn (calculate) xiāng (each other) zhí (straight) zì (from)

Different tone

mián (roof) miǎn (to escape)

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Sound file kindly provided by shtooka.net under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License

stroke order for 面
Stroke order for character 面, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


四面楚歌 sì miàn chǔ gē Ambushed from all sides. Under sustained attack
网开一面 wǎng kāi yī miàn To give someone a chance of escape

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