qí strange; odd; weird

Made up of [ big; great; large; very radical 37, can; may; able to ]
Used as component in :
Made with 8 strokes.
The elements making it up suggest 'big' 'ability' which can be thought of as curiosity, eccentricity

Related characters

Also uses component: fū (husband) měi (beautiful) mò (do not) qìng (celebrate) shī (to lose) tài (too) tiān (sky) tóu (head) yāng (center) yí (barbarians)
Also uses component: á (what?) gē (elder brother) gē (elder brother) hé (what) hé (river)

Sounds same

qí (board game) qí (his)

Different tone

qī (seven) qī (phase) qǐ (to rise) qì (gas) qì (steam)

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刘少奇 Liu Shaoqi


出奇制勋 chū qí zhì xūn Using a surprise or ingenious scheme to achieve success.
奇货可居 qí huò kě jū Something that people pay good money for in future. A market opportunity.