qiě and; moreover; yet

Used as component in : jiě Made up of [ one radical 1]; ; ; ; ;


Ancient pictogram of a stone altar or ancestral tablet on the ground
Number of strokes: 5

Related characters

Also uses component: bǎi (hundred) bǐng (third in order) bù (no; not) chǒu (shameful) dàn (dawn) dé (virtue) huà (to draw) huò (maybe) jiāng (border) kāi (begin) lì (beautiful) liǎng (pair) měng (Mongol) miè (to extinguish) shì (life) yǔ (to give) zài (again) zhèng (correct)

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得过且过 dé guò qiě guò Muddling through life without great ambitions. Contended to just live from day to day.