shī corpse

Similar looking characters : hù (door)
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 3 strokes.
The traditional form is a picture of a person lying down, hence a body

Sounds same

shī (lion) shī shī (to lose) shī (poem) shī (to grant)

Different tone

shí (ten) shí (time) shí (rock) shí (real) shí (food) shí (eat) shǐ (history) shǐ (to begin) shǐ (arrow) shǐ (pig) shì (is) shì (matter) shì (market) shì (life) shì (spirit) shì (bachelor) shì (clan name) shì (to show) shì (room)


Index 44 used in: jú (office) ; jū (to reside) ; ne (and you?) ; wěi (tail) ; wū (house)

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stroke order for 尸
Stroke order for character 尸, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


行尸走肉 xíng shī zǒu ròu An unworthy person. Someone bereft of value - just a walking body with no active mind.
马革裹尸 mǎ gé guǒ shī A wish to die in action on the battlefield. A heroic wish to serve until death.