yī doctor

Made up of [ box; bag radical 23, shǐ arrow; to vow radical 111]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 7 strokes.
Can be thought of as shooting arrows at a disease - a doctor healing you. This is clearer in the complex traditional form that has 'disease' and 'medicine' parts.
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses shǐ component: ǎi (low) hòu (wait) hóu (nobleman) tiě (arms) zhī (to know) zú (clan)

Sounds same

yī (one) yī (clothes) yī (clothes)

Different tone

yí (proper) yí (barbarians) yǐ (hidden) yǐ (to use) yǐ (chair) yǐ (already) yǐ (twist) yì (easy) 亿 yì (100,000,000) yì (justice) yì (also) yì (city) yì (catch) yì (skill) yì (to recollect) yì (idea) yì (different)

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死马当活马医 sǐ mǎ dāng huó mǎ yī Persevering when it is already too late. A lost cause
讳疾忌医 huì jí jì yī Keeping mistakes and shortcomings to yourself. Refuse to listen to advice.