Made with 4 strokes.
Originally a picture of three jade disks, the full character form uses a dot to distingish it from 'king' (wang)

Sounds same

(to meet) (to wish for)

Different tone

(fish) (fishing) (in) (rain) (language) (to give)
Full character form of this simplified radical:


Index 96 used in: (texture) ; qiú (ball) ; quán (all) ; rùn (leap) ; wán (toy) ; xiàn (to appear) ; zhù (to live) ; zhǔ (owner)

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王维 Wang Wei
王莽 Wang Mang
王羲之 Wang Xizhi


王顾左右而言他 wáng gù zuǒ yòu ér yán tā Evading making an uncomfortable reply by changing the topic of conversation. The story is of Mencius who asked three questions of the king of Qi, when the last question touched on the king's mismanagement of the kingdom, the king looked left and right to other guests to dodge making a response