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Today Fri 28th Apr

Nanjing Regime

A little known fact about the Japanese occupation of China [1940-1945] is that the occupied areas were governed by a 'Chinese' administration. This was the Nanjing Nationalist Government presided over by Wang Jingwei. The regime claimed to be the legitimate GMD Nationalist government and used the Republican flag. This fooled many of the Chinese people living on the Eastern coast, however the real power lay with the Japanese military.
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On this day

1897 Ye Jianying born 1897 (120 years ago)
1959 Liu Shaoqi became Chairman Peoples Republic of China 1959 (58 years ago)


耕耘, 收获
fēn gēng yún, yī fēn shōu huò [yi fen geng yun, yi fen shou huo]
one part cultivation, one part harvest
Half growing the crop; half harvesting it. Can't expect a harvest without cultivating the crop
Hard work is needed to achieve a good result
Hard work never did anyone any harm

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1st May 劳动节 Labor day
4th May 青年节 Youth Day
5th May Summer begins (Lichun calendar)
21st May Corn Forms (Lichun calendar)
30th May 端午节 Duānwǔjié Dragon Boat Festival
1st Jun 六一儿童节 Childrens day
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Thu 27th Apr

The largest party

In 2007 there were 73 million members of the Chinese Communist Party made up of 90% men and 10% women. This makes it the largest membership organization in the world by far. Joining the party is still an attractive career option as it can lead to a good job in government or the military.
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On this day

1959 Mao Zedong no longer Chairman Chinese Communist Party 1959 (58 years ago)
1959 Mao Zedong no longer Chairman Peoples Republic of China 1959 (58 years ago)


Rǔ chòu wèi gān [ru chou wei gan]
suckle smelly not yet made
Still suckling and in nappies. Still an infant. Young and inexperienced
Infantile and immature
Wed 26th Apr

The ancient Shu kingdom

We often think of China as a single unified nation but through its long history different regions have expressed their own unique identity within China. One of these is the Shu Kingdom that now covers Sichuan and Chongqing provinces. As the area is protected on three sides by high mountains it has always seen itself as a somewhat separate entity. After the Han dynasty China broke up into several kingdoms, it was the Shu kingdom that held on to many Han traditions.
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On this day

1997 Peng Zhen died 1997 (20 years ago)


Jīn shì, jīn [jin ri shi, jin ri bi]
this day task, this day complete
Today's task, today's job to complete
Finish the current job before doing anything new
Don't put off until tomorrow what can be done today
Tue 25th Apr

Zheng He's voyages

The voyages of Zheng He in the early Ming dynasty marked the peak of Chinese exploration of the World. His fleet had 27,870 men in 63 huge ships; they traveled as far as Eastern and South Africa and maybe South America.
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On this day

1644 Ming dynasty ended 1644 (373 years ago)


Bīng dòng sān chǐ, fēi zhī hán [bing dong san chi, fei yi ri zhi han]
ice freeze three foot, wrong one day single cold
Three feet of ice is not formed in a single day
Everything comes to him who waits
Mon 24th Apr

Caged birds

It was common for people to keep a caged bird as a pet, and bring them down to the park each day. Often the outing would cause the birds to sing to each other and this would enhance the experience of the park for everyone.
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shǒu jiaǒ [da shou da jiao]
big hand big foot
Large hands and feet
Lavish and grandiose expenditure on tasteless trifles
A fool and his money are soon parted
Sun 23rd Apr

Ancient canals

Some of the oldest canals and irrigation systems in the world are in China. Taming the Yellow and Yangzi rivers was necessary to allow agriculture to thrive. One on the earliest canal engineers was Li Bing of the Warring States period [476 - 221 BCE] who worked on the Min River in Sichuan, and the water control measures operate right up to the present day. He holds the record for the most ancient stone carved sculpture, fitting that an engineer rather than an emperor should receive such an honor.
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Wú yuán zhī shuǐ, wú běn zhī mù [wu yuan zhi shui, wu ben zhi mu]
no source water, no root tree
A river without a source, a tree without roots
Something without a proper foundation. Not properly planned
Sat 22nd Apr

Mongolian heritage

The raising of sheep on the vast grasslands of Northern China stretching into Mongolia has led to a great many dishes containing lamb. These are found mainly in northern China (Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang). Mongolian Hotpot is a dish of sliced lamb with vegetables and noodles.
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Tù sǐ hú bēi [tu si hu bei]
hare die fox sorrow
A fox mourns the death of a rabbit
Showing false grief to conceal true feeling
To weep crocodile tears
Great Wall, view
The Great Wall winding its way like a huge dragon across the mountains near Beijing
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