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Today Wed 28th Jun

Tianjin Massacre

A flash point in China's relations with foreign powers was at Tianjin in 1870. A group of French nuns thought they were doing good by offering money for starving children so they could be adequately cared for. The locals believed the foreign devils were using the children for witchcraft and 20 people were killed when the local Chinese stormed the compound of the 'Sisters of Mercy'. Similar attacks took place in the Boxer Rebellion thirty years later.
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On this day

1919 Treaty of Versailles 1919 (98 years ago)
1981 Hua Guofeng no longer Chairman Chinese Communist Party 1981 (36 years ago)
1981 Hu Yaobang became Chairman Chinese Communist Party 1981 (36 years ago)


Fán rén bù kě mào xiàng, hǎi shuǐ bù kě dòu liàng [fan ren bu ke mao xiang, hai shui bu ke dou liang]
every person can not looks mutual, sea water can not argue capacity
Neither a person can be judged by his looks nor can the sea be fathomed
Judging by appearance is dangerous
Do not judge a book by its cover

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29th Jun 晒衣节 shài yī jié Clothes Drying Day
7th Jul Moderate heat (Lichun calendar)
22nd Jul Great heat (Lichun calendar)
23rd Jul 半年节 bàn nián jié Half Year Festival
28th Jul 晒衣节 shài yī jié Clothes Drying Day
1st Aug 建军节 Army day
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Tue 27th Jun

Earthquake-proof buildings

China has been subject to many severe earthquakes, it holds the sad record for the most people killed by them. Buildings that can withstand the enormous forces have therefore been a key design element. For this reason stone walls have been avoided in preference to heavy roofs supported on many solid wooden pillars, the pillars are rested on a solid platform. This design allows some flexing to withstand the tremors.
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Wéi miaò wéi xiaò [wei miao wei xiao]
tie clever tie resemble
Weave skillfully life like images
Produce an image remarkably true to life; highly skilled
Mon 26th Jun

Journey to the West

This famous book also known as 'monkey' was written by Wu Cheng'en in c.1580CE. It tells of the journey of the monk Xuanzang who traveled west from China to India to bring them back Buddhist scriptures. The monk's most famous companion is 'monkey' an impish creature of great strength and courage.
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Shuǐ shēn huǒ rè [shui shen huo re]
water deep fire hot
In deep water and fierce fire
In very deep trouble
Sun 25th Jun


The province of Chongqing is a recent creation; it was split away for Sichuan in 1997. Chongqing on the mighty Yangzi is the natural gateway into Sichuan, the ancient kingdom of Shu. The reason for the split was that Sichuan had a way above average population and area compared to other provinces.
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On this day

1950 Korean War began 1950 (67 years ago)


xiān guò hǎi, gè xiǎn shén tōng [ba xian guo hai, ge xian shen tong]
eight immortal past sea each show god knowledge
The eight Immortals crossing sea all have there own special skills
Everyone has their own special skills to contribute
Sat 24th Jun


China is usually thought of warm and humid but the country has some of the hottest and driest deserts in the world. The Taklimakan desert is a large desert in Xinjiang province, which is still a difficult desert to cross. Its Arabic name means something like 'abandoned place'.
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On this day

1398 Emperor Hongwu no longer ruler 1398 (619 years ago)
1989 Jiang Zemin became President PRC 1989 (28 years ago)
1989 Jiang Zemin became General Secretary Communist Party 1989 (28 years ago)


Bǎi zú zhī chóng sǐ ér bù jiāng [bai zu zhi chong si er bu jiang]
hundred foot insect dead but not motionless
A centipede with a hundred legs does not lose its life after one blow
An evil is not easily disposed of; old institutions take a long time to renew
Fri 23rd Jun

Asian tigers

The rise of the Asian Tigers (South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) in the period 1960-90 was an important development that spurred subsequent Chinese growth. They showed that rapid modernization was possible in Asia and went on to produce significant investment capital for Chinese development.
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On this day

1662 Guoxingye died 1662 (355 years ago)
1909 Li Xiannian born 1909 (108 years ago)
1989 Zhao Ziyang no longer General Secretary Communist Party 1989 (28 years ago)


Sǐ mǎ dāng huó mǎ yī [si ma dang huo ma yi]
die horse equal live horse doctor
Treating a dead horse as if it is still alive
Persevering when it is already too late. A lost cause.
Flogging a dead horse
Thu 22nd Jun

Chinese planets

The traditional names for the planets in China associate the five planets visible to the naked eye to the five elements of traditional Chinese science. So Mercury is the water star; Venus the metal star; Mars the fire star; Jupiter the wood star; and Saturn the earth star.
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Bīng dòng sān chǐ, fēi zhī hán [bing dong san chi, fei yi ri zhi han]
ice freeze three foot, wrong one day single cold
Three feet of ice is not formed in a single day
Everything comes to him who waits
Jilin, autumn
Autumn in Jilin
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