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Today Fri 24th Feb

United nation again

After over 350 years of disunity following the collapse of the Han dynasty China became re-united under the short-lived Sui dynasty. After some positive developments under the dynastic founder the dysnaty collapsed under his successor but China did not again fall into chaos as it was soon succeeded by the Tang dynasty.
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Bù bù gāo shēng [bu bu gao sheng]
step step tall ascend
Step by step promotion
Congratulation on promotion or a new job

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26th Feb ལོ་གསར Tibetan New Year Festival
27th Feb 龙抬头 lóngtáitóu Blue Dragon Festival
5th Mar Insects waken (Lichun calendar)
8th Mar 国际妇女节 Womens day
9th Mar 花朝节 huā zhāo jié Flower Festival
12th Mar 植树节 Arbor or Tree planting day
16th Mar 观音诞 guàn yīn dàn Birthday of Guanyin
20th Mar Vernal Equinox (Lichun calendar)
30th Mar 上巳节 Shàngsìjié Shangsi Festival
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Thu 23rd Feb

British Rebels

During the Taiping Rebellion both sides of the Civil War received support from British civilians. Augustus Lindley helped the Taiping cause and wrote a book of his experiences 'The History of the Ti-ping Revolution'. On the other side General Charles Gordon helped the Qing forces, and he was ultimately successful in beating the Taipings.
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Bù rù hǔ xué yān dé hǔ zǐ [bu ru hu xue yan de hu zi]
not enter tiger den how get tiger cub
Without entering a tiger's den how can you hope to fetch a tiger cub
Great rewards require a great risk
Fortune favors the brave. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Wed 22nd Feb

The Silk Route

The transport of the delicate but non perishable fabric silk was one of the precious goods transported over the Silk Route. The name 'silk route' is a relatively modern creation as it was first used in the 19th century. It is misleading as it represents a whole network of roads that led into China through the Gansu corridor. It was most important in the Tang and Mongol dynasties.
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On this day

705 Empress Wu Zetian no longer ruler 705 (1,312 years ago)


Hé yán yuè sè [he yan yue se]
harmony face contended colour
Having a happy face looking contented
Amiable appearance
Tue 21st Feb

Engineer Leaders

All three recent Presidents of China studied engineering at University. Jiang Zemin : Electrical Engineering, Shanghai 1947; Hu Jintao : Hydraulic Engineering, Beijing 1965 and Xi Jinping : Chemical Engineering, Beijing 1979.
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On this day

1876 Murder of Captain Margery 1876 (141 years ago)
1972 Nixon visit to China began 1972 (45 years ago)


Hán dān xué bù [han dan xue bu]
Handan study gait
Learning how the residents of Handan walk . A story of a man who took on the gait of a cityfolk trying to impress but could no longer walk properly
Pompous and pretentious. Trying too hard to impress
Mon 20th Feb

Li River

The Li river scenery between Guilin and Yangshao has been considered the most beautiful in China for hundreds of years. The limestone has been worn away by the waters to leave strange towering pinnacles covered in lush vegetation.
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léi tíng [da fa lei ting]
big develop thunder
Develop large thunderstorm
Fly into an extreme rage
To spit nails
Sun 19th Feb

Chinese festivals

The Chinese have a rich mixture of festivals ancient and modern to celebrate. Some have dates fixed by the traditional lunar calendar, some by the traditional solar calendar and the modern ones by the Western calendar so the dates move around each year. Most months have some kind of festival. Public holidays are now usually moved to be close to the festival date often giving a long weekend rather than a day off in the middle of the week. There are two longer public holidays, one for Chinese New year (usually three days) and one for October 1st National Day (also typically three days).
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On this day

1997 Deng Xiaoping died 1997 (20 years ago)


Wáng yáng bǔ láo [wang yang bu lao]
lose sheep mend pen
Mend the pen after the sheep are lost
Can mean taking action too late or to protect against a future repeat of misfortune
Mend the stable door after the horse has bolted
Sat 18th Feb


The tradition of clapping to show appreciation is a European tradition. In China clapping was used mainly to drive out evil spirits. This is a clear example of how different cultures can develop different traditions. Similarly shaking hands as a greeting is European, in China a greeting was made with a bow.
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On this day

1294 Kublai Khan no longer ruler 1294 (723 years ago)


Fú wú chóng zhì, huò bú dān xíng [fu wu chong zhi, huo bu dan xing]
good fortune not double arrive, misfortune not single walk
Blessings come along alone; troubles often come together
Bad fortune is more frequent than good
Ming dynasty, architecture, Chuandixia
Ming dynasty village at Chuandixia near Beijing
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