bīng soldiers; a force; an army

Made with 7 strokes.
Originally a piar of hands brandishing a battle axe

Sounds same

bīng (ice) bīng (ice)

Different tone

bǐng (third in order) bǐng (both)

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哀兵必胜 āi bīng bì shèng Strong emotion galvanizes effort
兵不厌诈 bīng bù yàn zhà In warfare nothing is too dishonest
骄兵必败 jiāo bīng bì bài Over-confidence will lead to defeat
虾兵蟹将 xiā bīng xiè jiàng A laughably ineffective solution to a problem
纸上谈兵 zhǐ shàng tán bīng An armchair general. Making plans without knowledge of the actualité
赔了夫人又折兵 péi le fū rén yòu zhé bīng Hatching an evil plot that backfires spectacularly. The story is that Sun Quan in the Three Kingdoms period wanted to take territory from the Shu kingdom. He offered his sister's hand in marriage but secretly plotted to attack Liu Bei's troops at the ceremony. Master strategist Zhuge Liang saw through the trap and Liu Bei managed to marry Sun's sister as well as defeat Sun's troops.