bǐng both; some

Made up of [ rén Person (radical) radical 9, liǎng pair; two ]
Alternative traditional form of character:


Combination of person and 'pair' gives idea of two or more people
Number of strokes: 9

Related characters

Also uses rén component: chàng (to initiate) dài (replace) dàn (but) dǎo (fall) 仿 fǎng (to imitate) fèn (portion) gōng (to provide) gū (estimate) hé (what) hòu (wait) hóu (nobleman) huà (to make into) huá (splendid) huā (flower) jiàn (healthy) liǎng (pair) mén (s) nǐ (you) rén (humane) shén (what) tā (he) wèi (position) xiān (immortal) xìn (letter) yè (night) 亿 yì (100,000,000) yōu (distant) zhí (value) zhù (to live) zhuàn (biography) zuò (to do) zuò (to make)
Also uses liǎng component: liàng (collective word for vehicles) mǎn (to fill)

Sounds same

bǐng (third in order)

Different tone

bīng (ice) bīng (ice) bīng (soldiers)

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