dìng to set; to fix; to determine

Made up of [ mián roof radical 40, zhǐ to stop; to prohibit; until; footprint radical 77]
Made with 8 strokes.
The meaning of setting things to right comes from combination of 'order'; 'stop' under 'roof'

Related characters

Also uses mián component: ān (peace) bǎo (jewel) (rich) gōng (palace) guān (official) hán (cold) jiā (house) (customer) nìng (better) róng (to hold) shì (room) shí (real) song (Song) (it) xué (cave) (proper) yuàn (courtyard) zāi (disaster) (letter)
Also uses zhǐ component: (a step) 齿 chǐ (tooth) (this) (martial) zhèng (correct) zǒu (walk) (foot)

Sounds same

dìng (how)

Different tone

dīng (nail) dǐng

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stroke order for 定
Stroke order for character 定, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


保定 Baoding, Hebei
罗定 Luoding, Guangdong