jīn axe; measure of weight; kati

Made with 4 strokes.
Picture of an axe, hence division and so a weight measure
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Sounds same

jīn (ferry crossing) jīn (metal) jīn (modern) jīn (scarf) jīn (metal)

Different tone

jìn (near) jìn jìn (to advance) jìn (to prohibit)


Index 69 used in: jìn (near) ; tīng (to listen) ; xīn (new)

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stroke order for 斤
Stroke order for character 斤, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


半斤八两 bàn jīn bā liǎng Nothing to choose between two alternatives
运斤成风 yùn jīn chéng fēng A very skilled person. The story is that Jiang Shi was so skilled that he knock a spot of paint off the end of someone's nose. he could only hear the ax move like a gust of wind