wàng absurd; fantastic; presumptuous

Made up of [ female; woman radical 38]
Number of strokes: 6

Related characters

Also uses component: ǎi (low) ān (peace) fù (woman) gū (paternal aunt) hǎo (good) hūn (to marry) jiě (elder sister) lóu (multi-story building) mā (mother) mèi (younger sister) nǎi (milk) rú (as) shǐ (to begin) tā (she) xìng (surname) yào (want)

Sounds same

wàng (to forget)

Different tone

wāng (lame) wáng (to die) wǎng (monarch) wǎng (net) wǎng (net) wǎng (towards)

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