wǎng net; network

Made up of [ jiōng covering box radical 13]
Similar looking characters : fēng (wind)
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 6 strokes.
Originally a pictogram of a net but then became complicated before recent simplification back to original form

Related characters

Also uses jiōng component: gāng (ridge) jiàn (see) (beautiful) liǎng (pair) nán (south) nèi (inner) shàng (still) shāng (commerce) tóng (same) (rain) zài (again) zhōu (circuit)

Sounds same

wǎng (monarch) wǎng (towards)

Different tone

wāng (lame) wáng (to die) wàng (to forget) wàng (absurd)
This character is also represented as a radical in the form: wǎng

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stroke order for 网
Stroke order for character 网, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


不撒大网不得大鱼 bù sǎ dà wǎng bù dé dà yú Need to think big if to succeed
网开一面 wǎng kāi yī miàn To give someone a chance of escape