zhōng end; finish

Made up of [ silk radical 120, dōng winter ]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 8 strokes.
The idea comes from 'silk' and 'ice' - the end of silkworm cultivation. The right part is a rough phonetic and also signifies winter

Related characters

Also uses component: fǎng (fine woven silk fabric) fēn (numerous) gāng (guiding principle) gěi (give) hóng (red) (order) jié (knot) jīng (Classic) lèi (tired) 绿 (green) wéi (to preserve) (beginnings) zhǐ (paper) (to form)

Sounds same

zhōng (centre) zhōng (clock)

Different tone

zhǒng (kind of) zhòng (many) zhòng (heavy)

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不善始者不善终 bù shàn shǐ zhě bù shàn zhōng Need to plan everything from the beginning