sī silk

Made with 3 strokes.
A picture of a curled up silkworm

Sounds same

sī (private) sī (to think)

Different tone

sǐ (die) sì (four) sì (snake) sì (to run) sì (Buddhist temple)
Full character form of this simplified radical:


Index 120 used in: fǎng (fine woven silk fabric) ; fēn (numerous) ; gāng (guiding principle) ; gěi (give) ; hóng (red) ; jì (order) ; jié (knot) ; jīng (Classic) ; lèi (tired) ; 绿 lù (green) ; wéi (to preserve) ; xù (beginnings) ; zhǐ (paper) ; zhōng (end) ; zǔ (to form)

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stroke order for 纟
Stroke order for character 纟, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license