Made with 3 strokes.
A picture of a curled up silkworm

Sounds same

(private) (to think)

Different tone

(die) (four) (snake) (to run) (Buddhist temple)
Full character form of this simplified radical:


Index 120 used in: fǎng (fine woven silk fabric) ; fēn (numerous) ; gāng (guiding principle) ; gěi (give) ; hóng (red) ; (order) ; jié (knot) ; jīng (Classic) ; lèi (tired) ; 绿 (green) ; wéi (to preserve) ; (beginnings) ; zhǐ (paper) ; zhōng (end) ; (to form)

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stroke order for 纟
Stroke order for character 纟, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license