June Quiz

A monthly tough quiz of general history, traditions, geography questions for June
1. Which factor was probably the most important in the success of Mao's Long March?
radio eavesdropping
military tactics
traditional medicines
Long march;rally
A Communist cadre leader addressing survivors of the Long March. Image available under a Creative Commons License

2. Huangpu Military Academy was in which province?
Shaanxi, Xian, modern housing, city wall
View of old city wall and modern buildings, Xi'an

3. What proportion of the Chinese Community Party are women?
soldier, woman, PRC
Young girl dressed in soldier attire at the arrival of the press plane in Beijing, China. Young girl pictured is not identified. 21st Feb 1972. Image by Byron E. Schumaker, ca. 1935- available under a Creative Commons license .

4. Li or Lee is a very common family name in China what does it mean?
Lhasa, Tibet
Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet. October 2010.
Image by *Christopher*’s available under a Creative Commons license

5. Silver was traditional made into ingots in what shape?
Wu Daozi, painter, Tang dynasty, sculpture
Statue of the Tang dynasty painter Wu Daozi

6. Where is Dowager Empress Cixi buried?
Ming Tombs
Eastern Qing Tombs
Dowager Empress Cixi, Qing dynasty
Dowager Empress Cixi with the wives of European diplomats in western clothing standing on either side, together with an adopted Chinese orphan. 1902. Image from http://puyi.netor.com/gallery available under a Creative Commons license .

7. The disgraced Bo Xilai was mayor of which city

8. With which country did China go to war in 1962?
silk road, Xinjiang, desert
Ruins of Jiaohe city near Silk Road, Xinjiang

9. Tiangong is the latest space vehicle of which type?
lunar oribiter
space lab
launch rocket
space;shenzhou;lunar exploration
Chinese Shenzhou 5 spacecraft - Model 1:3, Space technology exhibition, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. 28 October 2011 Image by Br?cke-Osteuropa available under a Creative Commons License

10. The taiji figure represents what?
yin and yang
a health hazard
The Emperor
tai ji, yin and yang

11. The early days of the Long March the communist leadership was often referred to as a joint operation between Mao and who else?
Deng Xiaoping
Zhang Guotao
Zhu De
Mao Zedong, PRC, leader
Mao Zedong makes a report at the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh CPC Central Committee. April 1949. Image by Unknown available under a Creative Commons License

12. About how many Terracotta warriors have been unearthed near Xi'an?
Qin dynasty, Terracotta army
The famous terracotta warriors at the tomb of the first Qin Emperor Shihuangdi

13. Which kingdom during the period known as the ‘Five dynasties and Ten kingdoms’ was chiefly responsible for retaining Tang civilization?
Tang dynasty, woman, music
Chinese artwork of lady musicians in a raised-relief, from the Capital Museum in Beijing, dated to the Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdoms Period (907-960CE) Image by gongfu_king available under a Creative Commons license .

14. Which is the luckiest Chinese number?
compass, invention
A Han dynasty magnetic compass, the needle is in the form of a carefully balanced ladle that points south.
The compass shows divisions for use in Feng Shui and Yi Jing
Image available under a Creative Commons license

15. Most of the most prized jade comes from which country?
Myanmar (Burma)
jade, bowl, fish
Jade dish with two fishes among reeds, China, late Ming period. British Museum, room 33b ( the Selwyn and Ellie Alleyne Gallery). Image by Vassil available under a Creative Commons License
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