March Quiz

A monthly quiz of general history, traditions, geography questions for March
1. Where did Sun Yatsen studied medicine?
Hong Kong
Sun Yatsen, sculpture, Taiwan
Statue of Dr. Sun Yatsen at memorial hall in Taipei, Taiwan

2. The other main ingredient of porcelain other than china clay is what?
egg shells
Ming dynasty, porcelain, plate
Photo by Anonymous, Chinese plate, Ming dynasty, Yongle period 1403-1424, porcelain with under-glaze blue, 23 inches [58 cms] diameter, Honolulu Academy of Arts. Available under a Creative Commons license .

3. What did the Chinese call their country in the year 1900?
Great Qing Kingdom
Greater China
Gansu, terraces, land form
Terraced farmland in the loess lands of Gansu

4. What should you do when a guest arrives while you are sitting having a meal?
raise glass for a toast
tap fingers on the table
stand up
food, banquet
A turntable, or lazy susan, surrounded by diners holding chopsticks in a restaurant in China, 1987, Photo by GeorgeLouis available under a Creative Commons license .

5. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge is the longest sea bridge in the world how long is it?
66 miles [106 kms]
34 miles [55 kms]
53 miles [85 kms]
bridge, Pearl
Pearl Estuary bridge by Chen Jimin (China Daily). Available under a Creative Commons License

6. The Temple of Heaven has an inner ring of columns representing what?
state ministeries
major rivers
each month
Temple of Heaven, beijing, people, PKChina-54
Temple of Heaven, Beijing. September 2019. Image by Paul Kerswill

7. What is the origin of the name Macau?
Local name for island
Mazu - sea goddess
Local name for Pearl river
Macau, cityscape, view
View of Macau Tower at sunset

8. Where did Mao Zedong swim in 1966?
Hunan, Changsha, Mao Zedong, PRC, sculpture
Sphinx like sculpture of Mao Zedong at Changsha, Hunan

9. From which province are most of China's space rockets launched from?
space;shenzhou;lunar exploration
Chinese Shenzhou 5 spacecraft - Model 1:3, Space technology exhibition, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. 28 October 2011 Image by Br?cke-Osteuropa available under a Creative Commons License

10. Standard spoken Chinese (Mandarin) is based on the local pronunciation where?
Macartney, Alexander, Qiao Renjie, mandarin
Portrait of the mandarin Qiao Renjie (1745-1804) who accompanied the mission for all its time in China. He was a man of grave deportment, strict integrity, sound judgment and great erudition. A former tutor to the Imperial family. His hat bears a blue stone and peacock feather to denote his high rank. Image by William Alexander available under a Creative Commons License

11. Where did Zhou Enlai move to study in 1917?
San Francisco
Zhou Enlai,  Deng Yingchao,  Sun Weishi
Deng Yingchao and Zhou Enlai with adopted daughter Sun Weishi. 1949. Image by Unknown available under a Creative Commons License

12. What phrase terminated all Imperial edicts?
ruler of all under heaven
son of heaven
tremble and obey
Emperor Qianlong
The Qianlong Emperor in Ceremonial Armour on Horseback by Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766). Painted 1758. The Palace Museum, Beijing. Image by Mondo Mostre available under a Creative Commons License

13. What is the leading form of Buddhism in Tibet?
Yellow Hat
Tibet, temple
Tibetan Temple

14. Jiang Zemin is associated with which city in China
Jiang Zemin, leader
Jiang Zemin by Presidential Press and Information Office, Moscow. Image available under a Creative Commons license .

15. Lapsang Souchong comes from which province?
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