Chinese New Year Quiz

Quiz all about Chinese New Year. You'll find many of the answers on our Spring Festival page
1. The New Year greeting 'Gong hei fat choy' is in which language?
lanterns, new year
Chinese New Year, Saigon, Vietnam. Image by falco available under a Creative Commons License

2. Which color envelope is traditionally used for gifts of money?
God of Money, poster
Chinese Lunar New Year money god poster in Hong Kong. Image by Mk2010 available under a Creative Commons license

3. Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) usually takes place in which month(s)?
January or February
April or May
February or March
red lantern, lantern, chinese new year, spring festival
Red lanterns are hung from the trees during the Chinese New Year celebrations in Ditan Park (Temple of Earth) in Beijing. Image by Paul Louis available under a Creative Commons License

4. Which event marks the traditional end of the Chinese New Year (Spring) festival?
Lichun Festival
Lantern Festival
festival, temple, lion dance
Traditional lion dance near a temple

5. Which astrological year follows the year of the snake?
Hong Kong, zodiac, sculpture
The Garden of the Chinese Zodiac features twelve carved animals in the gardens of Kowloon Walled City Park, Hong Kong

6. Which character for good fortune is widely seen at Chinese New Year?
festival, temple, lion dance
Traditional lion dance near a temple

7. When is the next dragon astrological year?
silk, dragon
Silk embroidery of Chinese dragon

8. What is the phase of the moon at Chinese New Year?
first quarter
garden, Foshan, Guangdong, architecture
Moon gate in Qinghui garden, Foshan city, Guangdong

9. What heralds the start of New Year's day?
phoenix dances
military parade

10. What are the lucky numbers in a year of the Ox?
four and one
Japanese lucky cat

11. Why are fish widely eaten at Chinese New Year?
Fish in Chinese sounds like abundance
Fish carry a wish for a long life
Fish keep away demons
taiwan, yin yang, fish
Window detail of Zushih Temple, Sansia, Taipei County, Taiwan. Aug. 2008. Image by Benjiho available under a Creative Commons License

12. Which day of the New Year festival should you give the family dog a treat?
Ming dynasty, Forbidden City, lion, Beijing
Gilded bronze, guardian xiezhi statue at Forbidden City, Beijing

13. What is a 'guotie'?
fried dumpling (jiaozi)
rice cake
door guardian
Eating dimsum dumplings on the street in gongguan; pictures by tashenka. February 2007. Photo by brappy! from Gongguan Market in Zhongzheng available under a Creative Commons license .

14. Why are oranges, tangerines and similar fruits are often seen at Chinese New Year?
Wishes good luck
Adds Vitamin C to diet
Lucky color
Dish of oranges, Hong Kong. Image by Fung Kimmia available under a Creative Commons License

15. Which Chinese god is given an offering a week prior to Chinese New Year?
Zao Jun - the Kitchen god
He-He - the Heavenly twins
Kui Xing - god of literature
deity, eight immortals, Shandong, Penglai
Statue of the Eight Immortals at Penglai Pavilion, Shandong
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