jǐng well

Used as component in : jìn


Originally represents a well in the middle of a set of 3x3 plots of land, the classic division of land with the central portion the 'public' part
Number of strokes: 4

Sounds same

jǐng jǐng (bright)

Different tone

jīng (capital) jīng (refined) jīng (Classic) jīng (to start) jīng (eye)

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避坑落井 bì kēng luò jǐng Avoid one obstacle only to hit another
井底之蛙 jǐng dǐ zhī wā A blinkered approach to life. Living in own private world ignoring the real world
离乡背井 lí xiāng bèi jǐng A stranger away from home
临渴掘井 lín kě jué jǐng Begin to take measures when it is far too late
落井下石 luò jǐng xià shí To add needlessly to someone's misfortunes
坐井观天 zuò jǐng guān tiān A blinkered or limited view of the world
Great Inventions

Great Inventions


The four great Chinese inventions are considered to be: paper; printing; compass and gunpowder. Other key inventions include the abacus, iron casting, pasta, silk etc.. However the production of paper and then printing must be considered the most important of these.
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