rùn leap

Made up of [ mén entrance; gate radical 169, jade radical 96]
Alternative traditional form of character:


Originally represented an extra gate into the city with modern 'precious' association with jade, gives the meaning 'surplus' and in particular the extra leap month inserted in the traditional calendar
Number of strokes: 7

Related characters

Also uses mén component: jiàn (gap) jiān (between) mén (s) wèn (ask) wén (to hear) xián (to stay idle)
Also uses component: lǐ (texture) qiú (ball) quán (all) wán (toy) xiàn (to appear) zhù (to live) zhǔ (owner)

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dōng winter

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Masters of water

In China the climate has forever given both floods and droughts. With water so important for agriculture many legends grew up about how to bring rain at the appropriate time and in the right quantity. It was the dragons, masters of air and water that brought the clouds and rain. The Dragon boat festival commemorates the age-old gatherings to seek to please the dragons so they would bring the rains at mid-summer to swell the grain. Dragons in China are not fire breathing monsters; they are powerful and fickle but usually will help people if given sufficient respect.
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