shǎng to hand down

Made up of [ shàng still; yet; to value , bèi shell; precious; cowrie shell radical 154]
Alternative traditional form of character:


The 'shang' element gives phonetic, 'bei' for valuables gives the menaing
Number of strokes: 12

Related characters

Also uses shàng component: tàng (collective for trips) tǎng (to recline) zhǎng (palm of the hand)
Also uses bèi component: cè (toilet) guì (precious) pín (poor) tiē (to stick) yuán (person) zhēn (chaste)

Different tone

shāng (commerce) shàng (up) shàng (still)

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guǒ fruit; result; resolute

Made up of [ jiǎ first in list; armor plating; shell or carapace, mù wood; wooden radical 75]


A picture of a fruit on a tree
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