yé grandpa; old gentleman

Made up of [ father radical 88]
Alternative traditional form of character:


Paternal grandfather - father's father
Number of strokes: 6

Related characters

Also uses component: bà (father)

Different tone

yě (also) yè (night) yè (page)

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国姓爷 Guoxingye
Top Academy in China 725-1911

Top Academy in China 725-1911


China can lay claim to having the longest lived academic instituion. The Hanlin Academy was founded way back in the Tang dynasty long before any European university. For nearly 1,200 years it comprised all the top scholars in many disciplines and had its own set of buildings at the Imperial capital. The academy produced Imperial edicts, the Imperial histories as well as educating the Emperor's children and setting the university examimation system.
China's Ancient Script

China's Ancient Script


The discovery of a huge number of 'oracle bones' has added greatly to the knowledge of the origins of China's written script. It pushes back the written language to at least 3,500 years ago. Careful study of the inscriptions is still revealing information about life in Shang dynasty times.
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