zhà to explode

Made up of [ huǒ fire , zhà at first; suddenly; abruptly ]


The fire radical adds to meaning, 'zha' provides both phonetic and meaning - 'suddenly fire' - an explosion
Number of strokes 9

Related characters

Using huǒ : zāi (disaster) pào (cannon)
Using zhà : zuò (to do) xué (narrow) dìng (how) zuó (previous)

Sounds same

zhà (at first)

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A bolt can mean several things; one of the more obscure is as a measure of length of cloth. A bolt of silk was used as a trading currency for many centuries. Barbarian neighbors were often paid off by being given thousands of bolts of silk. It is roughly 15 to 25 yards of cloth, the measurement varied over time and the measure is still in use. In China it is known as 匹 or 疋 and is now set to be equal to four zhang.
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