beard; mustache; whiskers; barbarian

Made up of [ ancient , yuè moon; month radical 74]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 9 strokes.
'Ancient' provides rough phonetic

Related characters

Also uses component: (happening) (hard) (paternal aunt) (estimate) (lake) (to reside) (to be able to) (bitter)
Also uses yuè component: dǎn (the gall) (clothes) gān (liver) (lake) jiāo (to glue) míng (bright) néng (to be able to) péng (friend) péng (friend) (phase) qián (front) qīng (green) sàn (to scatter) shèng (victory) suí (Sui) yīn (yin) yǒu (have) zhāo (dynasty)

Sounds same


Different tone

(at) (tiger) (tiger) (door) (door)

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胡锦涛 Hu Jintao
胡耀邦 Hu Yaobang


胡子 hú zi beard
胡桃 hú táo walnut