yuè moon; month

Made with 4 strokes.
A picture of the crescent moon. NOTE: In simplified chinese some characters that used the 'meat' radical have now been put under the very similar looking 'moon' radical.
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Different tone

yuē (to speak)


Index 74 used in: dǎn (the gall) ; (clothes) ; gān (liver) ; (lake) ; (beard) ; jiāo (to glue) ; míng (bright) ; néng (to be able to) ; péng (friend) ; péng (friend) ; (phase) ; qián (front) ; qīng (green) ; sàn (to scatter) ; shèng (victory) ; suí (Sui) ; yīn (yin) ; yǒu (have) ; zhāo (dynasty)

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stroke order for 月
Stroke order for character 月, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


镜花水月 jìng huā shuǐ yuè Beautiful but unattainable dreams. Unrealistic ambitions
月到中秋分外明, 每逢佳节倍思亲 yuè dào zhōng qiū fèn wài míng, měi féng jiā jié bèi sī qīn Longing to see family from far away
月下老人 yuè xià laǒ rén The deity of matchmakers for marriage . said of someone who is trying to get a couple together. The tradition was that husband and wife had an invisible red thread tying them together from birth.
近水楼台先得月 jìn shuǐ lóu tái xiān dé yuè An allusion to the wisdom of having friends in high circles that often results in benefits.
吴牛喘月 wú niú chuǎn yuè Unnecessarily fearful of something. The story is of an ox from Wu that thought the moon was the sun and panted through the assumed heat it expected to experience.


zhè gè yuè This month
xià gè yuè Next month
shàng gè yuè Last month
yī gè yuè One month


yuè moon