zhāo dynasty; morning

Made up of [ yuè moon; month radical 74]
Number of strokes: 12

Related characters

Also uses yuè component: dǎn (the gall) fú (clothes) gān (liver) hú (beard) hú (lake) jiāo (to glue) míng (bright) néng (to be able to) péng (friend) péng (friend) qī (phase) qián (front) qīng (green) sàn (to scatter) shèng (victory) suí (Sui) yīn (yin) yǒu (have)

Different tone

zhǎo (to try to find) zhào (according to)

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朝阳 Chaoyang, Liaoning


今朝有酒今朝醉 jīn zhāo yǒu jiǔ jīn zhāo zuì Take advantage of good fortune while it is around
灭此朝食 miè cǐ zhāo shí Grasp current opportunity; anxious to do battle. Tackle the important problem first.


花朝节 Huā zhāo jié Flower Festival

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