lián to link; to join; to connect

Made up of [ chuò walking radical 162, chē vehicle radical 159]
Alternative traditional form of character:


Comprises 'walking' and 'vehicle' so gives the idea of journey that links places
Number of strokes: 7

Related characters

Also uses chuò component: biān (side) dào (road) féng (to meet by chance) guò (past) hái (still) jìn (near) jìn (to advance) liáo (distant) mí (riddle) mí (to bewilder) tōng (open) yíng (welcome) yù (to meet) yuǎn (far) yùn (to move) zhè (this)
Also uses chē component: jiào (comparatively) liàng (collective word for vehicles) ruǎn (soft) zài (to carry)

Sounds same

lián (to pity)

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连云港 Lianyungang, Jiangsu
大连 Dalian, Liaoning


藕断丝连 oǔ duàn sī lián Friendship survives adversity
屋漏偏逢连夜雨 wū lòu piān féng lián yè yǔ Misfortunes tend to come all at once

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