yíng welcome; greet

Made up of [ jié seal (of document) radical 26, chuò walking radical 162]
Number of strokes: 8

Related characters

Also uses jié component: bào (to announce) fú (clothes)
Also uses chuò component: biān (side) dào (road) féng (to meet by chance) guò (past) hái (still) jìn (to advance) jìn (near) lián (to link) liáo (distant) mí (to bewilder) mí (riddle) tōng (open) yù (to meet) yuǎn (far) yùn (to move) zhè (this)

Different tone

yīng (flower) yǐng (picture) yìng (hard) yìng (to answer)

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huān yíng Welcome

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