huān merry; welcome

Made up of [ qiàn yawn; deficient radical 76, yòu also; in addition; and radical 29]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 6 strokes.
The 'yawn' radical suggests an open mouth which can suggest laughing out loud

Related characters

Also uses qiàn component: (next in sequence) (song) ruǎn (soft) yǐn (to drink) (to wish for)
Also uses yòu component: bào (to announce) (to pass) duì (right) (to send out) fǎn (contrary) (clothes) hàn (chinese) (and) (fowl) jiān (difficult) nán (difficult) (to take) shèng (holy) shòu (to receive) shù (tree) shuāng (pair) yǒu (friend) (pool) zhī (to support)

Different tone


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huān yíng Welcome