bǎn a register; block of printing; edition

Made up of [ piàn thin piece; flake; a slice radical 91, fǎn contrary; in reverse; inside out or upside down; to rebel ]


The 'slice' radical gives idea of something thin - paper, 'fan' provides the very rough phonetic
Number of strokes 8

Related characters

Using fǎn : fàn (food) bǎn (board)

Sounds same

bǎn (board)

Different tone

bàn (half) bàn (to act)

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Thu 22nd Mar

Waste incinerator

China is well aware of the huge problems of waste disposal. Now that rural communities have more income there is far more plastic and other toxic waste that would normally have to go to landfill. The landfill is often not properly contained and escapes to poison the groundwater. Now Han Zhaobin of Hunan province believes he has come up with a solution. A small scale five ton incinerator is designed to leave very little toxic residue and a series of washing stages will remove toxic components from the smoke. A community level waste disposal unit will save transporting it to a large county level facility.

The Central government have recently announced an initiative to bring all rural communities out of poverty by 2050. Dealing with increased waste will be a necessary step in improving the standard of living of many rural communities.

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Yangzi River

Yangzi River


The mighty Yangzi River is the longest in China and third longest in the world. It has carried huge quantities of people and goods over the centuries. Many great cities lie close to its banks: Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing and Shanghai.
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