piàn thin piece; flake; a slice

Number of strokes 4


Index 91 used in: bǎn (a register)

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Elephant Game

Chinese chess is called 象棋 literally 'elephant game'. One of the pieces in the game is an elephant, it is a defensive piece that can only move two places at a time and only on the home side of the board. As well as meaning 'elephant', 'xiang' can also mean shape or image and it may be that the game is to do with the 'shapes' or constellations in the sky. Another 'Xiang' means 'think' which is appropriate for such a cerebral game.
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China's diverse geography

China's diverse geography


China has deserts, mountains, lakes, rain forests and almost every other type of geographical feature you can think of. The country is made up of dozens of distinct regions with their own geology and climate.
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