bīng soldiers; a force; an army


Originally a piar of hands brandishing a battle axe
Number of strokes: 7

Sounds same

bīng (ice) bīng (ice)

Different tone

bǐng (third in order) bǐng (both)

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哀兵必胜 āi bīng bì shèng Strong emotion galvanizes effort
兵不厌诈 bīng bù yàn zhà In warfare nothing is too dishonest
骄兵必败 jiāo bīng bì bài Over-confidence will lead to defeat
虾兵蟹将 xiā bīng xiè jiàng A laughably ineffective solution to a problem
纸上谈兵 zhǐ shàng tán bīng Making theoretical plans ignoring practical considerations

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