dào road; way; path

Made up of [ chuò walking radical 162, shǒu head; chief; classifier for poems, songs etc ]


Combines the radical for 'walking' with a representation of 'leader' and gives 'road' the Daoist word for 'path of virtue'
Number of strokes 12

Related characters

Using chuò : yuǎn (far) jìn (to advance) yùn (to move) mí (to bewilder) mí (riddle) zhè (this) hái (still)

Sounds same

dào (arrive)

Different tone

dāo (knife) dāo (knife (radical)) dǎo (fall) dǎo (island)

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stroke order for 道
Stroke order for character 道, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


道高一尺,魔高一丈 dào gāo yī chǐ, mó gāo yī zhàng There is always opportunity for evil to take root
横行霸道 héng xíng bà dào Being deliberately obstructive
鸣锣开道 míng luó kāi dao To prepare the public for an event
头头是道 tóu tóu shì daò Logically and rigorously argued
邪门歪道 xié mén wāi daò Dishonesty and deceit

jì to record; to note; to remember

Made up of [ yán words radical 149, jǐ self; oneself; sixth in order]


The use of words radical suggests it is to do with writing, 'ji' self provides the phonetic
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