fǎng fine woven silk fabric; to spin fabric

Made up of [ silk radical 120, fāng square; honest; upright radical 70]
Alternative traditional form of character:


Combines 'silk' with phonetic 'fang'
Number of strokes: 7

Related characters

Also uses component: fēn (numerous) gāng (guiding principle) gěi (give) hóng (red) jì (order) jié (knot) jīng (Classic) lèi (tired) 绿 lù (green) wéi (to preserve) xù (beginnings) zhǐ (paper) zǔ (to form)
Also uses fāng component: fàng (let go) 仿 fǎng (to imitate) 访 fǎng (to visit) fáng (to protect) fáng (house) lǚ (trip) zú (clan)

Sounds same

访 fǎng (to visit) 仿 fǎng (to imitate)

Different tone

fāng (square) fāng (basket) fáng (house) fáng (to protect) fàng (let go)

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Japan and China

Japan and China show contrasting histories despite many shared cultural traditions. The Meiji restoration in Japan instituted a constitutional monarchy in 1868. Japan then rapidly transformed into a modern industrialized nation. China's transformation only really got going one hundred years later. Both countries have a one party state, the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan has been continuously in power for sixty years even though it is under a democratic system, the Communist part in China has been in unopposed power for over 65 years. Tensions remain over the sovereignty of islands around Japan and political tensions remain.
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chū at first; first

Made up of [ yī clothes radical 145, dāo knife]


Consists of knife and cloth, and as this the first stage of making clothes it evokes 'first steps'
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