fēng to confer; to grant; to bestow a title

Made up of [ guī jade tablet , cùn unit of length; inch; thumb radical 41]
Number of strokes: 9

Related characters

Also uses guī component: jiē (street)
Also uses cùn component: dé (get) duì (right) guò (past) shè (to shoot) shí (time) shù (tree) sì (Buddhist temple)

Sounds same

fēng (wind) fēng

Different tone

fèng (phoenix)

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开封 Kaifeng, Henan

广 guǎng vast; wide


Picture of a house under a cliff


Index 53 used in: zuò (seat) ; qìng (celebrate) ; diàn (shop) ; táng (Tang) ; chuáng (bed) ; dù (to pass)
Full information for 广
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