fēng wind

Alternative traditional form of character:


Originally this included the character for 'insect' as insects are carried by the wind, it has been simplified to give the concept of motion

Sounds same

fēng fēng (to confer)

Different tone

fèng (phoenix)

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stroke order for 风
Stroke order for character 风, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


风吹草动 fēng chuī cǎo dòng A minor repercussion of a larger action. A trifling consequence
风雨同舟 fēng yǔ tóng zhōu Facing troubles together
看风使舵 kàn fēng shǐ duò Not sticking to the big plan. A fickle mind
空穴来风未必无因 kōng xuè lái féng wèi bì wú yīn There must have been signs that it was going to happen
弱不禁风 ruò bù jīn fēng Fragile, unable to withstand further setbacks
煽风点火 shān fēng diǎn huǒ Create a lot of trouble

Spirit Way

For many centuries and dynasties the burial grounds of Emperors, their family and entourage was given the highest importance. Although many tombs have been looted over time the grand avenue leading to the tombs has usually remained. Pairs of huge stone animals and officials line the route to the tombs. The Spirit or Sacred Way can be a mile or more in length with over fifty stone statues along it. The life-like carvings are intended to intimidate any who ventured along them, and even the Emperor was only allowed to progress towards them on foot, not on horseback.
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